Ludwig Narziss Science Prize 2022

Great honor for Weyermann® and especially for managing director graduate engineer and economist Thomas Kraus-Weyermann.

Together with Professor Dr. GE. Jens Voigt, Trier University of Applied Sciences and graduate engineer Michael Fechir, the trio was awarded the Ludwig Narziss Science Prize 2022 at the EBC Conference in Madrid.

Due to the travel restrictions, Ms. Lydia Junkersfeld, Brauwelt publisher, presented the prize in Germany. The atmospheric, beer-affine Weyermann® Visitors Center was chosen as the handover location.

The research trio had dealt with the practical identification of aromas in malt and developed the unique Weyermann® Malt Aroma Wheel®.

So far, this prize has only been awarded 5 times by the International Science Program.

It is remarkable that two award winners are already members of the Weyermann® competence team: Alirio Caldera & Thomas Kraus-Weyermann.