Copa Cervezas del Caribe, Cartagena, Colombia

Today we send a big thank you to the team of our Colombian distribution partner Comercializadora Fuggle S.A.S.!

The team around company owner Jorge Mario Campos García duly represented Weyermann® Malts at the Copa Cervezas del Caribe – the country’s most important beer event – and built numerous red and yellow bridges of friendship.

In addition to the beer competition – in which some Weyermann® customers were among the winners – specialized brewing training courses with industry experts from all over the world took place as part of the event.

One of the experts was our International Malting & Brewing Expert Alirio Caldera. He was connected to the event online and in his lecture provided information about beer recipes for traditional and modern craft beers.

Overall, the Copa del Caribe was a complete success for the Comercializadora Fuggle S.A.S. team. Jorge Mario Campos García proudly reports: “Our Weyermann® stand was spectacular and clearly stood out – it was very well attended by the event participants, who were very interested in our malt products. Alirio Caldera’s presentation was very well received and highly praised. With regard to the beer competition, we are of course happy that several Weyermann® customers were among the medal winners!

It fills our hearts with joy to see how wonderfully Mario Campos García and Co. spread the red and yellow spirit at the Copa del Caribe.  Thank you for your commitment and dedication!