60 years Jürgen Buhrmann

Creative minds make it happen!

On the occasion of the 60th birthday of our plant manager Jürgen Buhrmann (2.f.l.), the Weyermann® executives surprised him with a special kind of congratulation due to Corona.

The celebrations began with a champagne reception in the festively decorated Weyermann® Visitors Center.

Our bosses Sabine Weyermann, Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and Franziska Weyermann congratulated their long-time companion and gave some very touching speeches.
Then the Weyermann® executives joined via MS Teams and congratulated him in various ways.

Among other things, they sang songs, read self-written poems and told anecdotes about experiences they‘ve had with Jürgen Buhrmann.
After these special congratulations, it was time for Jürgen Buhrmann to unwrap his presents.

A highlight on the gift table was certainly the whisky which was specifically produced for Jürgen Buhrmann – for him being a whisky lover it, was the perfect gift!

The whisky was bottled in a former barrel from the Laphroaig Whiskey Distillery on the Scottish Hebridean island of Islay.

Eventually the celebration found a pleasant end with a chat over tasty petit fours and espresso.

Cheers to you, dear Jürgen, and to many more years with you at our side as a loyal companion enriching our red-yellow world on a daily basis!