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WEYERMANN® Nr. 17 Eraclea Mediterranean Pilsner

The malt base of this bright golden Pilsner is the mediterranean brewing barley Eraclea, which is cultivated between Venice and Trieste along the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea. This barley variety is responsible for both the beer‘s full body and its surprisingly delicate maltiness. Fittingly, this Pilsner is flavored with two mediterranean hop varieties, Aurora and Bobek, from neighboring Slovenia. These give the beer fine floral notes of lavender and violet, as well as hints of blackcurrant-like dark berries. In addition, these hops impart an intense but pleasantly harmonious bitterness, which reverberates well into a long finish. Overall, this Pilsner is stritzy-effervescent and refreshing, and its appealing drinkability invites the drinker to have more than one. For food pairings, a mild fish such as a filet of pike or perch, baked in an almond crust, is very suitable, as is paella or risotto.


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