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WEYERMANN® Bamberger Hofbräu® Pils

Bamberger Hofbräu® by Weyermann® Pils is a brilliantly golden, classic German lager from the last century. It was once the cornerstone of the portfolio of the Bamberger Hofbräu® brewery, which was founded in 1885. The brewery closed its doors in 1977. Today, the brand is owned by the Weyermann® Malting Company. Barke® has deep and rich malt aromas reminiscent of hay, straw, cereals, and toffee, as well as superior processing characteristics in both the malt and the brew house. In the Bamberger Hofbräu® by Weyermann® Pils, the typical Barke® aromas commingle well with the noble bitterness and the herbal, floral, and fruity aromas of hops. The beer ́s finish is slightly viniferous with notes of herbs and citrus. Because of its complexity, this lager goes equally well with delicate white fish baked with herbs and lemon slices and with hearty sour milk cheeses and raw onions.


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