Weyermann® Seminars: „Active dry yeast for non-alcoholic beers and sour beers”

Many thanks for an all-round successful event go to all participants and speakers of our seminar  “Active dry yeast for non-alcoholic beers and sour beers”.

In cooperation with the Fermentis Academy, we hosted this exciting and instructive seminar last Tuesday at our Weyermann® Visitors Center.

More than 25 participants excitedly listened to the words of the Weyermann® and Fermentis experts on the topic of yeast and fermentation and enjoyed the exchange of knowledge and experience with one another.

The event was a success across the board, which is reflected in the exclusively positive feedback from the enthusiastic participants.

Thanks go to the organisation team for the perfect planning and coordination and to our host team on-site for taking best care of our guests!

We are already looking forward to the next seminar!