Weyermann® Raw Materials Day in Clingen

The Weyermann® Raw Materials Day for our brewing barley producers in Clingen and the surrounding area was a complete success last Wednesday with over 30 enthusiastic participants!

The Raw Materials Day, initiated by Aishagul Schleicher, Weyermann® Head of Raw Materials Purchasing, gave us the opportunity to discuss current issues relating to the cultivation of brewing barley directly with Thuringian farmers.

The day started with a hearty snack. Weyermann® Managing Director Thomas Kraus-Weyermann personally welcomed all invited guests.

After a brief introduction of the Bamberg family malting business Weyermann® from our boss, our raw materials experts Aishagul Schleicher and Stefanie Augner, employee in the Weyermann® purchasing department, took the floor.

As part of their presentation, they introduced the current brewing barley programm, including the traditional variety Barke® and the historical variety Isaria, and placed importance on the direct and close cooperation with local, regional agriculture.

The informative lectures were followed by a factory tour with Michael Bachmann, Weyermann® team leader production Clingen, and Leonhard Habermann, Weyermann® general management assistant. Therewith, our guests were able to get a more detailed picture of the raw material intake, production and loading of the malt and the high level of hygiene that was clearly visible everywhere!

Then they headed to the brewing barley fields of the agricultural cooperative “Am Horn” via historical coach. The agricultural cooperative “Am Horn” cultivates 100 hectares of the historical variety Barke® and 6 hectares of the historical variety Isaria for Weyermann® Malts. Both varieties are currently in a healthy development status, which our local partners were able to see for themselves.

The raw materials day at Weyermann® Malts in Clingen ended with a lovely lunch where everyone enjoyed Thuringian bratwurst, potato salad and Weyermann® beer specialties made with products from our farmers.

Many thanks to all participants for the wonderful day!

Many thanks also go to all Weyermann® employees involved, who actively contributed to the success of the event!