1. VLB International Brewing Web Conference

Today the 1. International Brewing Web Conference of the VLB Berlin kicks off – with Weyermann® Malts as sponsor.

During the next 3 days technical presentations will take place. The topic categories are among others, „Raw materials/Different types of beer“, „Quality control at the filling area/Logistics“ and „Sustainability“.

Among the speakers is also Axel Jany, our Weyermann® team leader customer consultants international. He will give his speech on the topic „Traditional specialty malts for modern beer creations“ today at 2pm CET.

Ulrich Ferstl, Weyermann® team leader customer service, and Alirio Caldera, Weyermann® international customer consultant, will also attend the web conference.

At the end of every session there will be a „Meet the suppler“ break, where attendees have access to the virtual exhibition of suppliers and can interact with them.

We wish our three Weyermann® ambassadors an instructive conference and a lot of fun!

More: www.vlb-berlin.org