Charles Faram Hop Walk 2021, Worcestershire, UK

In beautiful Worcestershire, UK, the traditional Hop Walk of our Weyermann® distribution partner Charles Faram took place last week.

Around 400 participants enjoyed information on the latest developments in the hop market as well as tours of Charles Faram`s hop growing and harvesting areas.

Our Weyermann® Representive UK, John S. Middleton, was also on site. At a red and yellow Weyermann® booth, he interacted with numerous visitors. The rush was so high that he actively assisted all interested parties from early morning until afternoon.

In addition to Weyermann® Malts, eight other companies represented by Charles Faram were also on site with a booth.

Of course, the tradition of the pre Hop Walk pub crawl was maintained. Well over 100 people took part in the pub crawl. As many as 12 historic pubs were visited in the beautiful city of Worcester. The warm and sunny evening did its part to make it an excellent opportunity to catch up with customers over a pint.

We thank you for this great representation, dear John S. Middleton!