Weyermann® Christmas presents are packed

Autumn is just around the corner and before we know it, Christmas is here!

Traditionally, we send our distribution partners a Christmas package every year with the practical large Weyermann® calendar, a wonderfully designed Christmas card and a Weyermann® desk pad.

With this appreciative gesture, we thank our partners for their commitment as Weyermann® ambassadors – after all, they are largely responsible for the success of Weyermann® malts all over the world.

Of course, our loyal Weyermann® customers can also look forward to receiving such a package.

In order for the packages to arrive right on time, our apprentices carefully packed the parcels over a two-week period with kind support from the marketing team.

The packages are now ready for dispatch – their journey to our partners and customers around the globe will soon begin!

Many thanks at this point to all of our distribution partners for the wonderful cooperation and to our Weyermann® customers for their loyalty!