Triple silver for Weyermann® at the Craft Spirit Berlin Awards

Wonderful news from Berlin: At this year´s Craft Spirit Berlin Awards, our Weyermann® Single Malt Whisky No.4, Nougat Cream Liqueur and Magenbitter (Bitters) each won a silver medal. All spirits are handcrafted at the Weyermann® distillery in Bamberg by distillery manager Philipp Schwarz.

Despite differences in taste, the spirits share the common features of an elaborate production method and selection of the highest quality raw materials. In particular, the selection of Weyermann® specialty malts shape the individual aromas.

The malts develop nuances of dried fruits, chocolate and roasted nuts in the Weyermann® Single Malt Whisky No.4, refine the traditionally macerated Bitters and harmonize perfectly with the sweet, chocolaty facets of the Nougat Cream Liqueur.

We congratulate our distillery manager Philipp Schwarz for this great success! All winners are of course available in our store Weyermann® Living and Drinking.

The Craft Spirit Berlin Awards are dedicated to crafted spirits produced only with natural ingredients. It is the largest competition in this field in Europe. A designated jury of experts judges each product individually, including smell, taste and balance. Depending on the rating, they are assigned to the gold, silver or bronze categories.