Training regarding new CO2 warning systems at the germination boxes

Safety first!

The safety of our visitors, but especially that of our employees, is extremely important to us – we therefore took a visitor’s concern about the development of CO2 during the germination process as an opportunity to train our tour guides on our new CO2 warning systems at the germination boxes.

Under the competent leadership of Leonhard Habermann, Weyermann® Operations Manager Bamberg, as well as Tobias Arnold and Alexander Schorr, Team Leader Malt Production Bamberg, our tour guides received a detailed description of how the CO2 warning systems work.

The CO2 that is created in the germination boxes is natural CO2 (carbon dioxide), which is created by the biological process during germination.

If the CO2 concentration in the germination boxes becomes too high, a sign with the word “gas alarm” will light up – our tour guides will know that going into the corresponding germination box is then prohibited.

Moreover, there is also a traffic light next to the entrance to each germination box. It serves as an additional display for the employees in the malthouse and provides information about the current status.

Many thanks to Leonhard Habermann, Tobias Arnold and Alexander Schorr for the competent training of our employees!