New First-Aiders for Weyermann®

First aid can save lives in an emergency – which is why it is even more important to act quickly and correctly in according situations.

In order to give our employees here at Weyermann® Malts a safe feeling when dealing with accident situations, we offer them the opportunity to be trained as first aiders at Weyermann® on a regular basis. This offer has existed for many years and is always gratefully accepted.

Recently, another training course took place in our company, which was attended by both new faces and those who wanted to refresh their knowledge.

How do you put injured people in the recovery position, how is cardiac massage carried out correctly, what should you do if someone complains about chest pain?

The inquisitive employees of our specialty malts manufacture learned all this and much more in a wonderful mix of theory and practice. Thereby, the trainers Melanie Telkemeier, Chris Stöcklein and Katrin Mai from the Johanniter Unfallhilfe (first aid association) imparted the know-how and skills about the life-saving emergency measures.

We are happy that our Weyermann® locations now have newly trained first aiders who can intervene quickly in case of an emergency situation.

Many thanks to all participants for their commitment and to the Johanniter training team for the great training!

Many thanks to our bosses for this existing offer that gives us all a feeling of security!