Trainee successfully completes training

Wonderful news at the start of this sunny Tuesday: our trainee Laurenz Schorner has successfully passed his final exam and is now a fully qualified distiller!
Laurenz Schorner completed the training with excellent grades and is among the best of his class!
Congratulations, dear Laurenz, on this fantastic achievement!
We are all so happy for you!
Laurenz Schorner was our first trainee for this profession in 2020. During his apprenticeship, his instructor and Weyermann® Master Distiller Philipp Schwarz was always at his side to give him advice and pass on his expert knowledge.
For Philipp Schwarz, the reinforcement of his distillery team with Laurenz Schorner was an absolute win. From day one, he appreciated Laurenz Schorner’s eagerness to work and his great thirst for knowledge regarding the production of high-quality distillates, spirits and liqueurs.
All the better that Laurenz Schorner will remain part of our family malting company after successfully completing his training and join Philipp Schwarz as a distiller!
We are proud of our newly appointed specialist Laurenz Schorner and look forward to many excellent creations from his hand!