Thomas Kraus-Weyermann gives a present to the employees for his birthday!

On January 1st 2021 our boss Thomas Kraus-Weyermann, Weyermann® Management fourth generation, celebrated his 30th company anniversary.

For this special occasion our brewmaster Constantin Förtner brewed a special beer together with his international brewing team:

Export Experte Thomas – Weyermann® Nr.91

This beer specialty is a very palatable Export Hell in reminiscence of Thomas Kraus-Weyermann´s connection to Dortmund, as he is a child of the Hochsauerland region and shaped by Dortmund, one of the most important brewery cities in Germany.

As a beer style, the Dortmunder Export is the Westphalian answer to the Bohemian Pilsner and the Munich Helles.
Just like these two lager beers, the Dortmunder brew is very refreshing, it glows golden yellow in the glass and is topped by a stable, white head of foam. The beer´s bouquet is a delicate mixture of pronounced maltiness and herbal, lemon-like hop aromas with a hint of black and red currants from noble German hops.
This balance of rich malt tones and pleasantly bitter, floral hop notes continues throughout the entire taste experience. The finish is dry with mild aspects of lemon balm.

On the occasion of his 64th birthday on Monday, Thomas Kraus-Weyermann decided to share the wonderful beer creation with all employees and gave everyone a sixpack of the Weyermann® Nr.91.

We warmly thank our boss for this nice gesture and will gladly raise our glasses to Thomas Kraus-Weyermann´s health when we enjoy the beer!