The “Wünschewagen” at Weyermann®

Yesterday we had a visit from the Franconian ASB “Wünschewagen”.

Sabine Weyermann was interviewed as a sponsor of the project.

Social commitment is deeply rooted in our family business. Therefore, this appointment was especially important.

Sabine Weyermann talked about our large donation for our 140th anniversary and what the project personally means to her.

Since 2014 the purely voluntary and exclusively donation-financed project of the Workers´ Samaritan Foundation (ASB) Germany is fulfilling special requests for seriously ill people.

Currently, there are “Wish-Cars” in every federal state. In Bavaria even three!

The “Wünschewagen” is specially designed to meet the needs of seriously ill people. It is equipped with a music system, harmonious light and colour installation, a panoramic view and emergency medical equipment to take people back to their favourite places.

1,500 wishes have already been fulfilled by the approximately 1,300 volunteer wish-fulfillers.

We are pleased to draw attention to such an important project.

Click here to go to the project´s website:

The report will soon be published by TV1 Franken.