The Weyermann® Almanac of World Beer Recipes – all-new, revised, and greatly enlarged edition!

The Weyermann® Malting Company is proud to announce the publication of the all-new, revised, and greatly enlarged edition of The Weyermann® Almanac of World Beer Recipes by Co-Authors Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and Horst Dornbusch.

The Almanac is the third book collaboration between the two authors, after Dark Lagers (Master Brewers Association, 2018) and Untergärig und Dunkel (Fachverlag Hans Carl, 2020). Thomas is one of the world’s leading experts in malting and brewing and Co-CEO of the Weyermann® Malting Company in Bamberg, Germany. Horst is a former brewer and the founder of Cerevisia Communications LLC, a consulting and content marketing firm in the international brewing industry in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. Together, they have poured their combined experience of almost a century in beer making into this seminal work.

More than three years in the making, this Almanac opens with a 150-page summary of the latest brewing knowledge for the practical brewer, condensed into an easy-to-read guide. This section deals with such topics as hop, malt, and water chemistry; brewing processes for different brewhouse and cellar configurations; yeast handling; beer styles and recipe formulations; lagering and barrel aging; the sensory aspects of beer evaluations; and many other topics relevant for making great beers every time.

The 300-page core of the book features an eclectic selection of 170 well-tested beer recipes—ranging from medieval beer styles to the classics that evolved during the Industrial Revolution, to the many innovations of the modern craft brew movement, and even to a few creative inventions by the authors. To round off the book, as an aid to recipe formulations, there are three handy, up-to-date appendices with specifications for hundreds of brewing ingredients available to brewers today. There are also almost 200 photos and illustrations, and a general index. In short, this comprehensive brewing guide is an indispensable addition to any modern reference library of any size.

The Almanac (ISBN 978-0-984444-2-2-59800) is available for downloading and home printing at the Weyermann® online shop in two formats, DIN A4 (524 pages) and US Letter Size (535 pages). Price: 89,90 €