St. Otto Fair 2023

Many thanks to our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann for inviting us to the St. Otto Kirchweih yesterday!

Traditionally, the Weyermann® management invites its employees and their families to the St. Otto-Kirchweih and pays for drinks, food and entertainment!

Weyermann® Malts maintains a close relationship with the St. Otto church: the son of our company founder, Rudolf Weyermann and his wife Adele donated the marble pulpit on the occasion of the Holy First Communion of their son Rolf. There you see a barley ear with 50 grains, symbolizing the first 50 successful years of our company.

Due to Corona, this event has been paused for the past three years. Thus, it was all the nicer for the Weyermann employees to be able to revive this cherished tradition together!

Across all departments, the employees enjoyed the beautiful afternoon with a lively exchange in the best weather!