20th Weyermann® Classic Car Event

Finally it was time again – after a three-year break due to the pandemic the annual Weyermann® Classic Car Event attracted numerous classic car fans and onlookers to Bamberg’s Brennerstrasse on Tuesday afternoon.

More than 450 vintage cars on two, three and four wheels lined up on the entire premises of the Weyermann® malting company and offered visitors from near and far a real feast for the eyes.

With his Willys Overland, built in 1922, Wolfgang Peetz from Weisendorf brought the oldest car to the event. The Wanderer, built in 1929, owned by Mr. Zenk from Memmelsdorf and the Standard DS 200, built in 1930, from Manfred and Matthias Keck from Scheßlitz also belonged to this category.

* One of the most beautiful classic car events *

For Hans Schmitt from Roßdorf am Forst, this year’s classic car event was a premiere – he was a regular guest before the pandemic, but this year for the first time with his own classic car – a Citroen DS 21 Pallas, built in 1970. As an architectural photographer, he was especially enthusiastic about the historic buildings of the malt factory. He was fascinated by how Weyermann® Malts used the premises specifically for this exhibition of classic vehicles. In combination with the atmosphere, the Weyermann® classic car event was one of the most beautiful in his opinion!

Heiko Triebener from Bamberg was on-site with his own vintage car for the first time as well. He cleared his schedule specifially for this day in oder to be able to attend the “fantastic meeting” with his 1950 Triumph Mayflower. As soon as one drove onto the historic company premises, there were phenomenal cars to admire. He drives his classic car every day and uses it as a therapeutic agent to escape everyday stress. He really enjoyes the decelerated driving with 38 hp and the look of his “shrunken Rolls Royce”.

* Fan since the first hour *

Since the very first Weyermann® classic car event, Erwin Platok from Strullendorf has been a guest at this get-together of the classic car scene. This year he rolled up on his Heinkel Tourist built in 1957 – he owns a total of nine two-wheelers and presents a different one of his esteemed oldies every year. He is happy to meet people here who are otherwise rarely seen.

Horst Kühne from Gundelsheim, who mingled with the classic car fans for the first time, also praised this exchange with like-minded people and the opportunity to talk shop. He proudly presented his VW Beetle 1303, built in 1974. His absolute dream car. He has always been a Beetle fan and has only driven Beetles all his life.

* Long wait finally over *

The popularity of the classic car event was reflected, among other things, in the fact that two and a half hours before the official start, the first visitors and classic cars were already eagerly waiting in front of the Weyermann® gates. Thus it wasn’t long before Weyermann® Managing Director Thomas Kraus-Weyermann opened the gates to the historic premises of the listed specialty malt factory and the grand parking began under the curious gaze of visitors.

In addition to the many beautiful vintage cars, the 20th edition of the fan meeting offered much more. In the Weyermann® shop Living & Drinking the beers of our Weyermann® Bamberger Hofbräu® line were up for tasting as well as coffee from the Lebenshilfe Bamberg, who roasted fresh coffee with their own coffee roaster.

The smell of freshly baked Weyermann® bread attracted the visitors to the company premises at the corner of Memmelsdorferstrasse and Brennerstraße. The offer of the baking specialty was well received by the classic car fans, who were happy to take a loaf home with them.

The presentation of the partially restored vintage city bus – Magirus Deutz, Saturn II – also celebrated its premiere, which the “Oldtimer Verein Historischer Stadtverkehr Bamberg e.V.” had brought along and drew a lot of attention.

With Weyermann® beers, sausages, tarte flambée, coffee specialities, cakes and ice cream the physical well-being was perfectly taken care of. In a relaxed atmosphere, the classic car fans talked shop until late in the evening and enjoyed the exchange in the unique ambience of the Weyermann® malting company.

The 20th Weyermann® classic car event was a complete success thanks to the excellent organization and preparation! More than 100 hard-working members of the Weyermann® team once again showed off excellent team work and offered the visitors an unforgettable experience!

The Weyermann® beer specialties including the beers from the Bamberger® Hofbräu® line as well as all merchandising items and the coffee from Lebenshilfe Bamberg are available in the Weyermann® shop Living & Drinking.

Special thanks go to…

…Mayor Andreas Starke and his team, without whose help the road closure and thus the beautiful vintage car atmosphere would not have been possible.

… all neighbors and residents who generously provided their parking places.

… the ladies from Inner Wheel, who baked and sold cake for a good cause.

…Christine Völkl, Mark Völkl & Katharina Kemmer from the Coffee Bike Kemmer & Völkl for the delicious coffee specialties, the net proceeds of which will go to Inner Wheel’s social projects

…Partyservice Ludwig for the wonderful catering

…Roger McLean for the delicious tarte flambées

…Horst Krämer for the delicious ice cream from his historical ice cream truck

… the company Sicherheit & Service Gerd Spindler from Weißenbrunn.

… our photographer Daniel Löb

… the Lebenshilfe Bamberg, who roasted coffee and offered it for tasting

… and to all energetic employees from the red and yellow Weyermann® world who made the classic car event possible in the first place and perfectly worked together as a team.

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