SIBA BeerX 2023, Liverpool, Great Britain

Also the business trip of our Weyermann® International Malting & Brewing Expert Axel Jany has come to an end.

He spread the red and yellow spirit at our neighbours in Liverpool, Great Britain!

There, the SIBA BeerX 2023, the UK’s largest independent beer and brewery exhibition, took place. This event offers an extensive program with workshops and seminars, panel discussions and networking opportunities.

On site Axel Jany was joined by our long-standing Weyermann® Representative UK, John S. Middleton, who gladly informed interested booth visitors about our variety of specialty malts.

Traditionally, the event also hosted the awarding ceremony of the SIBA’s Independent Beer Awards, as part of which Axel Jany served as beer judge. At this point we warmly congratulate all winners, especially our Weyermann® customers, who were among the lucky winners!

We thank all booth visitors for the lively exchange and our Weyermann® ambassadors on site, who once again did an awesome job maintaining our existing bridges of friendship and building new ones!

Until next time!