Rain of medals for Weyermann® customers at the Asia Beer Championship 2022

Over 50 gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded to our Weyermann® customers as part of the Asia Beer Championship 2022 – what an outstanding achievement!

Congratulations on this incredible result!

The Asia Beer Championship is organized by the Asia Brewers Network and is open to beer brewed commercially within Asia.

The beers and ciders submitted to the competition are evaluated in 32 categories by an international jury of experts – the top three in each category are awarded gold, silver and bronze awards. In addition, beers with an excellent level of quality are refined with the “Chairman’s Selection” award.

Furthermore, trophies are awarded to the most successful breweries in the competition in various categories. Among other things, Country Champions (national winners), Champion Brewpub and Champion Beer of Asia trophies are awarded.

Across the board, our Weyermann® customers from Korea, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, the Philippines and India achieved great results and won several categories, such as Sour Beer, European Pale Ale, Double IPA and Wood/Barrel-Aged Beers.

The fact that our victorious Weyermann® customers were able to take home several of the coveted trophies in addition to gold, silver and bronze awards makes us particularly proud!

We are happy, that our malt was once again allowed to be the soul of so many excellent beer specialties!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Weyermann® distribution partners in Asia, who ensure that our customers are always supplied with our high-quality malt and can therefore brew their creative, award-winning brew specialties!

More: http://asiabeerchampionship.com/