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WEYERMANN® Nr. 16 Barrel Aged Barley Wine

Barley Wine is by definition a strong barley malt ale with the same alcoholic strength as wine. After an extended conditioning time, we racked the beer into used Scotch whisky barrels from the famous Ardbeg Distillery in Port Ellen, on the Isle of Islay, along Scotland‘s west coast. The distillery uses peat from the indigenous Islay Peat Bogs to kiln-dry its malt. This gives Islay malt Whiskys their classic smoky character. When we matured our Barley Wine in these barrels for three months, it developed a harmonious balance of strong, malt– forward beer kissed by the smoky residues of the Islay Peat Bogs.The resulting tastes are of dried stone fruit, caramel malt, and mild phenolics from the peat. Savoring this sipping ale slowly will transport you to the cool and misty days of Scotland, whilewarming your soul and body inside and out.


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