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WEYERMANN® Nr. 15 Imperial Stout

True to its name, the Weyermann® Imperial Stout is a classic example of a British strong dark ale. A firm Cappuccino-like head rides atop the opaque, ebony brew. Upfront, the beer emanates delicate and enticing aromas of licorice; in the back, it finishes with warming notes of alcohol. On the palate, this deep black ale has a substantial mouthfeel. It also delivers unmistakable tastes of dark, bitter chocolate, fine cacao, as well as some gentle roastiness. There are also hints of coffee and vanilla, reminiscent of Kahlua, the Mexican liqueur. Overall, this brew is well-balanced with a restrained bitterness and an equally restrained residual sweetness, which makes for a delicious sipping beer.
When paired at the table, it is an ideal companion for such desserts as chocolate muffins or crème brûlée.


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