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WEYERMANN® Nr. 11 Pumpernickelporter

When poured into a glass, the most noticeable characteristic of this beer is its sturdy, creamy, beige head of foam, which contrasts nicely with the ebony-dark, almost black color of the Porter itself. The nose of this brew is a veritable burst of roasted aromas that are mixed with a scent of bread crust and dark German pumpernickel, as well as faint notes of lime, pine, and wood. The bouquet definitely evokes anticipation. On the palate, the flavor is dominated by the nutty notes of roasted rye and the bready notes of pumpernickel. The mouthfeel is soft and velvety with the pleasant roasted malt bitterness of a classic porter in the background. In the finish, there is a lingering hint of fine cocoa. This beer is ideally suited as an accompaniment to anything made with fresh cottage or cream cheese. It also goes well with chocolate or fruit cakes, as well as with plum deserts or fresh waffles.


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