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Weyermann® Isaria 1924®

Made from the oldest German malting barley variety Isaria, which was officially approved for the beer production in 1924. Brewers used Isaria to brew traditional, unfiltered and flavorful traditional German Lagers.

Sensory: malty-sweet taste and soft biscuit like aroma; soft mouthfeel.

Heirloom malt for traditional German beer styles, typically for:

  • Pale Lager; Zoigl, Franconian Landbier
  • Amber Lager; Kellerbier, Märzen, Festbier
  • Dark Lager; Munich Dunkel
  • Bock; Pale Bock, Dark Bock

Recommended addition: up to 100% possible

Enzyme activity: medium

Color: 7,0 – 9,0 EBC

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