New customized hearing protection for Weyermann® employees

According to our company philosophy „Weyermann® focus on the individual“ Weyermann® Malts constantly invests in various preventive measures, in order to guarantee a safe work environment.

For its efforts and successful implemention the company Weyermann® (Mich. Weyermann® as well as Heinz Weyermann®) has been granted the titel „Prämierter Betrieb“ (Awarded Company) in the area of occupational safety for many years. This award is given to companies as part of a award program of the Association for the Food and Hospitality Industry.

Recently, our employees in the commercial sector were happy to receive new customized hearing protectors from Cotral Lab!

After individual ear measurements were taken earlier this year, the delivery of the newly customized hearing protectors recently arrived.

Perfectly adapted to the ear, these offer our employees a high level of wearing comfort in areas with a high noise level, enable secure communication and are easy to use and clean.

We thank the company Labor Cotral GmbH for the wonderful, newly customized hearing protectors and our bosses Sabine Weyermann and Thomas Kraus-Weyermann for the constant investment in the safety of their employees!