Michael Wöß becomes member of MEBAK® e.V.

Wonderful news from Berlin:

Michael Wöß, head of our Weyermann® research and development department, has been accepted into MEBAK® e.V.!

MEBAK® e.V. (Mitteleuropäische Brautechnische Analysenkommission) is the   Central European Brewing Technology Analysis Commission. Within this association, the state and private brewing institutes of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland as well as the national brewing industries are represented.

The aim of the association is to promote research and development in the field of analysis and technology of beverages and their raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials. The respective experts in their field work on different subject areas.

As a brewing and malt expert with excellent, well-founded specialist knowledge in his field, Michael Wöß will contribute his expertise in the field of raw materials – with a focus on grain and malt.

We are happy and glad that Michael Wöß is now part of this competence team and wish him every success with his work!

Photo: Michael Wöß (fourth from left together with other committee members during the MEBAK® conference in Berlin)