Great release of our Weyermann® No. 4 Single Malt Whisky!

Created from four selected barrels, stored and matured for four years in the Weyermann® Barrel room. We introduce: The Weyermann® No. 4 Single Malt Whisky.

Last Saturday it was finally time to present our 4th Weyermann® Whisky. A queue of regular customers and curious ones kept forming in front of the doors, to get one of the freshly filled bottles from the shelves. Thanks to our hygienic concept and the caution of all our customers, everyone had enough space outside and inside of our shop. Thus, making a pleasant shopping experience possible for everyone. We are thrilled by this fantastic response!

The guests were welcomed by our managing director Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and distillery manager Philipp Schwarz. Both were very happy to answer questions about the new Weyermann® No. 4 Single Malt Whisky. The whisky is a composition of finest Weyermann® specialty malts, which create an exquisite aroma with nuances of dried fruits, chocolate, and roasted nuts.

We stored the whisky in four different barrels. An American and European White oak Barrel, both heavy toasted, as well as an ex-Bourbon and an ex-Rum Barrel created the final taste. A true delicacy and ideal gift for the holiday season.

The limited edition of our Weyermann® No. 4 Single Malt Whisky is now available in our store Weyermann® Living & Drinking in Bamberg!