Franconian quality whisky from the Weyermann® distillery in Bamberg

The „shower of gold“ for the Weyermann® distillery continues: two Weyermann® whiskys were awarded gold as part of the Franconian award of the Franconian Small and Fruit Distiller Association Würzburg!

The award-winning fine spirits, the Weyermann® Single Malt Whisky No. 4 and the Weyermann® Double Cask Single Malt Whisky were just recently awarded gold at the state awards for whiskys, fine brandies and liqueurs of the State Association of Small and Fruit Distillers North-Württemberg!

Created from four selected barrels, stored and aged for four years in the Weyermann® barrelroom. The result: the wonderfully balanced Weyermann® Single Malt Whiskey No. 4.

Characteristic of the fourth whisky from the Weyermann® distillery are its fine nuances of dried fruit, chocolate and roasted nuts, which are rounded off in a wonderfully mild finish.

The latest creation from the Weyermann® distillery, the Weyermann® Double Cask Single Malt Whisky, comes with wonderful notes of cocoa and ripe banana. The clearly pronounced cocoa is surrounded by orange notes. This high-proof noble spirit aged for six years in a cask made of European oak and a sherry cask to perfection.

Once again we congratulate our Weyermann® Master Distiller Philipp Schwarz on this well-deserved recognition of his work!

It’s awesome, that the quality of our products is also recognized at a regional level!


The Franconian award takes place every 2 years. The sensory assessment and analysis of the submitted samples took place at the Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture.