Five times gold for the Weyermann® brew manufacture!

Wonderful news from Neustadt an der Weinstraße in Rhineland-Palatinate: five Weyermann® beer specialties have received a gold medal at this year’s Meininger’s International Craft Beer Awards!

Our full-bodied smoked beer classic, the Weyermann® No. 1 „Schlotfegerla®“, delighted the judges with its distinctive malt taste of dark chocolate and bread crust, paired with fine smoky notes. Fine, noticable smoky notes and harmonious floral aromas of German noble hops characterize the extraordinary smoked beer with the number 31, Weyermann® Summer Beech, which was also awarded gold.

Fruity, aromatic and spicy, on the other hand, are the characteristics of our award-winning bock beer specialties. The Weyermann® No. 9 Willy Wonka Bock, the Weyermann® No. 47 Rudolph’s Weizendoppelbock and the barrel-aged wheat bock beer with the Weyermann® No. 30, “Jürgen’s gereifte Weizheit”, all received a gold award as well.

Once again we congratulate our Weyermann® brew master Constantin Förtner and his skilled team on this great success and the well-deserved awards!

We also express our congratulations to all our award-winning Weyermann® customers.

In the ninth edition of the renowned competition, 261 beer specialties were awarded platinum, gold and silver medals. Due to the strict rules of the competition, the awarding of medals is limited to a maximum of 25 percent of the evaluated beers. This strict limitation underlines the high value of the Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award medals as well as the seriousness and uniqueness of the competition.