Farm and landlord party of the Agricultural Society Prießnitz

Thank you for a wonderful day we say to the Agricultural Society Prießnitz.

They had invited to their farm and landlord party, which could finally take place again after the forced break due to Covid.

The Agricultural Society Prießnitz is our long-term supply partner (since 1991!) who exclusively grows high-quality brewing grains – barley and wheat – for Weyermann®.

This includes the historical summer brewing barley variety Barke®, from which we produce our Weyermann® Barke® Pilsner Malt, Weyermann® Barke® Vienna Malt and Weyermann® Barke® Munich Malt. All Barke® malts offer a perfect base for authentic pale and tasty lager beers, especially for pilsner beers!

The Agricultural Society Prießnitz had a lot to offer to their landlords, business partners and families, including tours with the forklift truck, a technology show (from historical to new), an open air stable with geese, pigs and calves, tractor rides, face painting for children, a huge swing, bouncy castle and a straw castle.

Weyermann® supported this event by providing its beautiful Landrover Weyermann® thirst-quenching truck. Our Weyermann® Bamberger Hofbräu® Lager – brewed with Weyermann® Barke® Pilsner and Weyermann® Barke® Munich malt – as well as our smoked beer classic, the Weyermann® Schlotfegerla®, were on tap. The refreshments were more than convenient for the guests in these summer temperatures.

With the entertaining supporting program, the lovely catering and interesting insights into the work of the Agricultural Society Prießnitz, the farm and landlord party was a complete success for everyone involved!

We would like to thank our long-standing raw material partner, the Agricultural Society Prießnitz, for the invitation and look forward to continuing our wonderful cooperation!