Craft Brewers Powwow, Cape Town, South Africa

Axel Jany, our International Malting & Brewing Expert, has arrived safe and sound back from his business trip to Cape Town in South Africa.

There he represented Weyermann® Malts at this year‘s Craft Brewers Powwow.

The Craft Brewers Powwow, which is sponsored by Weyermann® Malts, is organized from Dematech Pty Ltd., our Weyermann® distribution partner for Africa (West-, East- and Southern Africa).

With its conference, exhibition area and award ceremony, the Powwow offers a plattform for knowledge exchange, networking and the joint celebration of the craft beer culture.

All in all, it was a wonderful week in which Axel Jany was able to enjoy seeing well-known Weyermann® customers again and at the same time getting to know new Weyermann® customers personally.

We are so happy that we can now personally maintain our bridges of friendship again and build new bridges of friendship as well!