Craft Beer Competition „Kraft Roku“ 2023, Krakow, Poland

For his last business trip of this year, our Weyermann® Malting & Brewing Expert Axel Jany is travelling to Krakow, Poland.

He has been invited to serve as beer-judge at the Craft Beer Competition „Kraft Roku“.

Our longtime Weyermann® distribution partner for Poland, Browamator, launched this beer competition in 2007 with the aim of promoting the Polish craft beer scene. Kraft Roku is now one of the most important beer competitions in Europe.

Gold, silver and bronze awards are given out in 59 categories. The best beer in the competition receives the title “Craft Beer of the Year”. In addition, for the first time, special awards will be presented based on a medal classification (gold = 5 points, silver = 3 points, bronze = 1 point). A special prize in each of the five special classifications will be won by the brewery with the highest point total.

Organized by the Polish Association of Craft Brewers, a professional brewers symposium will be held parallel to the competition, at which industry experts from Poland and abroad will give lectures on various topics. Axel Jany will enrich the symposium with a lecture on our lovely Weyermann® smoked malts and creative smoked beer recipes.

We wish our Weyermann® ambassador a pleasant flight, happy judging and a great time!