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Weyermann® Roasted Malt Extract (RME)

Weyermann® RME is produced entirely from Weyermann® CARAFA® roasted malt. The Weyermann® RME is vacuum-evaporated to concentrate it. Weyermann® RME is packed hot for sterility. It produces no turbidity and is highly pH-stable.

Weyermann® RME has no E-number. Weyermann® RME is very suitable for coloring of all kinds of food such as bread, pasty, drinkts, spirits and pharmaceutical products.

Use: Beer style: bread; biscuit; snacks; pizza; ice cream; soft drinks; spices; meat and products; fish and products; canned food; sauces

Recommended quantities: food industry as required

EBC: 8100 – 8600

Shipping units:
11.8-kg, 25kg-plastic cans, 1180-kg container

Shelf life: When stored in a dry place within a temperature range of 0 °C to 30 °C (32 °F – 86 °F) there is a minimum shelf life of 18 months if unopened.


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