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WEYERMANN® Bamberger Hofbräu® Exquisator

Lent is traditionally the time for dark double bock beers. We have followed up the old tradition of Bamberger Hofbräu® and re-brewed the well-known Exquisator according to historical recipes. In the glass, the strong bock shines in dark maroon colors, crowned by fine-pored, beige foam. A delightful combination of caramel, malt notes, and roasted chestnuts, is perfectly rounded up by slihtly herbal notes of the hops. The initial taste is warming, then the rich bock beer embeds itself into the malty-aromatic body and induces to drink more – thanks to its well-balanced composition of hops. Back in the Middle Ages the friars already knew “Liquida non frangunt ieunum” – Latin for “liquids do not break the rule of lent”.
A perfect beer for lent, though, which seduces to break the rules and have a typical Franconian “Schäuferla” (pig shoulder) with it.


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