Weyermann® Whisky wins gold in Frankfurt

Wonderful news from Frankfurt: Our Weyermann® Single Malt Whisky No. 4 wins the gold medal at the renowned German DLG quality test. Created from four hand-selected barrels and aged for four years, the award-winning spirit was created at the Weyermann® distillery in Bamberg.

Through a balanced barrel management, master distiller Philipp Schwarz created a uniquely aromatic single malt whisky. For this purpose, he used two new barrels made of American and European white oak, as well as two barrels with pre-stocking: A former rum barrel and an ex-bourbon barrel.

In combination with different Weyermann® specialty malts, the composition develops a broad aroma of dried fruits, chocolate and roasted nuts. The whisky was distilled, stored and bottled as a limited edition at our Weyermann® distillery.

The whisky is of course available in our store Weyermann® Living & Drinking

The whisky was tested and awarded by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) in Frankfurt. The DLG Test Center Food examines the quality of around 30,000 products every year. Gold is awarded to products that meet all the test criteria without any faults.

We congratulate our dedicated master distiller for this great success!