Weyermann® Christmas packages are ready!

Even if Santa Claus delivers his packages within one night, the journey of our Christmas packages to our worldwide partners and customers takes a little longer.

For this reason, the months of July and August are all about preparing our red and yellow Christmas presents!

As a token of our gratitude as well as our recognition and appreciation for their hard work, we send our partners and customers a Christmas package every year with the practical large Weyermann® calendar, a lovingly designed Christmas card and a Weyermann® desk pad.

This tradition has existed for over 25 years!

In a wonderful, well-organized team effort, our trainees have now packed the parcels with active support from our employee Norbert Judex and his family members as well as our student trainee Nina Dorsch within a two-week period.

These are now ready for dispatch in our Weyermann® Logistics Center in Bamberg waiting to start their journey around the world soon!

Many thanks to everyone involved for the great commitment!