Weyermann® Bavarian Party 2023

„It’s wonderful that we are able to open our doors to our guests again after 4 years!” – these were the first words of our boss Sabine Weyermann’s opening speech.

Even before the opening speech, we set a sign of special hospitality. Our bosses personally welcomed our approximately 350 guests from 42 nations for almost three hours. It was important to us to give each visitor the feeling of being warmly welcomed and part of this unique event. Together, we celebrated the end of the successful trade fair week at the Brau Beviale in Nuremberg.

For this absolute highlight, our Bamberg specialty malts factory presented itself from its best side. Radiant, beautiful light installations adorned the red brick walls of our historically protected ensemble on Brennerstrasse in Bamberg.

The entire Weyermann® premises offered a lot:

For the first time, our guests were able to visit the Weyermann® Caramel Malt Cathedral, which was newly inaugurated this year, up close. The impressive architecture and high-quality technology of the roasting drums amazed everyone.

Attracted by the smell of freshly baked bread, pretzels and delicious Weyermann® Candy Malt®, the visitors also found their way to the Weyermann® premises at the corner of Brennerstrasse and Memmelsdorferstrasse.

There was a lot to discover and experience here. On the one hand, our guests were able to bake delicious pretzels under the expert guidance of our Weyermann® Craft Baker Friedrich Rauh. Furthermore, the Weyermann® brewery could be visited with its impressive 250l Kaspar Schulz brewing system – equipped with a fully automatic system and state-of-the-art technology. For history enthusiasts, the Weyermann® museum proved to be an absolute must-see, showcasing valuable antiques from our historically rich family business.

Our Weyermann® Living & Drinking Shop, with its beautiful, festive atmosphere and diverse items, attracted many visitors as well, inviting to linger and indulge in some Christmas shopping.

Right next door, at the Weyermann® Visitor Center, the grand spectacle continued. Here, our talented Weyermann® beer sommeliers shared their expertise on various beer & food pairings. The Weyermann® distillery also caught the attention of the international guests with its tastings of our excellent fruit brandies and heavenly whiskys.

While calligrapher Melina Müller painted bookmarks for visitors and cooper Anton Hofmann engraved wooden beer coasters, guests enjoyed themselves playing table soccer, horseshoe throwing, cornhole, and table tennis.

To capture the wonderful evening, our traditional company provided a fun photo booth, which was highly popular among our guests.

For excellent Bavarian entertainment, music groups ‘DIXIE TO GO,’ ‘Ausgefuxxt,’ and ‘VerBRASSd’ delighted our legendary party, ensuring guests danced joyfully into the late hours. Various performances such as those by „Schuhplattler“ (traditional dancers from the Bavarian Woods) and alphorn players created a truly lively atmosphere.

The selection of our beer specialties for the evening was as varied as the program of our Weyermann® Bavarian Party. On tap were our No. 1, the Weyermann® Schlotfegerla®, the Weyermann® Bamberger Hofbräu® Pils & Lager, our No. 17, Weyermann® Eraclea Mediterranean Pilsner, and many other delicious drinks.

With ox on a spit, crispy pizza from Italy, Franconian bratwurst, cheese cubes with grapes, pan-fried mushrooms, radish spirals, sweet pancakes with apple sauce and cake, the guests’ physical well-being was also perfectly taken care of.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the dedicated Weyermann® team for the excellent preparation and organization of the beautiful celebration, the Weyermann® management for the invitation, all external service providers for their participation and to all the guests and customers who rocked our Bavarian Party 2023 with us!

The Weyermann® beer and spirits specialties as well as our Weyermann® merchandise articles are available at our shop Weyermann® Living & Drinking on Brennerstrasse 15 in Bamberg and in our online shop.

All beer lovers and friends of great taste can experience beer, whisky & gin in a new dimension at our seminars in the unique ambience of the Weyermann® Visitors Center. Information and registration at: www.weyermann.de/en-gb/ and

© Photos: Daniel Löb