We welcome Florian Dusold to the team

For our fleet team, the new year began with welcoming a new member: Florian Dusold

Mr Dusold complements the team as a truck driver in the tipping area.

He is the replacement for the position of Bernhard Stölzel / Slawa Iwanow.

Florian Dusold is a passionate truck driver. He has spent most of his time of his professional career transporting goods from A to B.

Thus he was able to gain a wide range of experience. Likewise in his previous position as a truck driver of semitrailers.

Florian Dusold likes to spend his free time with his family and the family dog. He lives in Rattelsdorf and is 34 years old.

We warmly welcome Florian Dusold to our team and wish him always safe travels as a Weyermann® ambassador on the road!