We present the 1st Weyermann® Sustainability Report

In the past few months we have intensively been working on the topic sustainability in cooperation with the consulting company „Zukunftswerk“.

We looked into the questions of where we currently stand in this context, what we have already achieved and what goals we are setting for the future.

We have summarized all this in our first CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report.

We look forward to sharing this with you, our customers and partners.

With our report we make a clear statement:

“Sustainability is an integral part of the Weyermann® corporate philosophy”

It is important to us to shape our actions today in such a way that all future generations can live under the same prerequisites, without limitations.

In order to do justice to this principle, we have formulated sustainability goals which we are now working towards implementing. We see our fields of action here in particular in the topics

  1. Environment and climate
  2. Employees and partnerships
  3. Products

The Weyermann® CSR report refers to the observation period 2021. In the future we will report annually on our progress towards achieving our sustainability goals.

You can find the Weyermann® sustainability report on our Weyermann® homepage at https://www.weyermann.de/en-gb/sustainability/

A special thanks goes to all employees of Weyermann® who contributed to the creation of the report.