Theme evening “Malt” of the Slow Food Convivium Munich

In the cozy ambience of the Pschorr‘s wooden barrel beer cellar in Munich, our Weyermann® malt and beer expert Ulrich Ferstl will present the raw material malt at a meeting of the Slow Food Convivium Munich this evening.

Slow Food is a global movement promoting a socially and environmentally responsible food system that protects biocultural diversity and animal welfare.

Internationally, the association is active in 160 countries with various projects, campaigns and events. Slow Food members are organized regionally in convivia and act autonomously within the framework of Slow Food’s goals and principles.

The annual theme of the Slow Food Convivium Munich is “Beer”. After the brewing component ‘water’ was discussed at the first annual meeting, the focus of today’s meeting lies on the raw material ‘malt’.

As a longstanding and experienced expert in this field, Ulrich Ferstl will gladly share his specialist knowledge by giving a lecutre.

The philosophy of Slow Food® is “Good, clean, fair” and is therefore a philosophy that we at Weyermann® Malts, as a certified food manufacturing company, represent 100%. For we also pay attention to the best quality of our products, combined with resource-saving production and fair conditions along the entire process chain.

We recently made it clear how important the topic of sustainability is to us with the presentation of the 1st Weyermann® Sustainability Report. More on this topic at our website:

We wish Ulrich Ferstl a nice evening and every success for his presentation!