Terrific sales launch of the limited Weyermann® barrel-aged rum

The latest product from the Weyermann® Distillery, the Weyermann® barrel-aged rum, is the first rum distilled and matured in Bamberg.

With the launch of this noble creation on July 7th, 2022, a long-awaited premiere took place in our Weyermann® Shop Living & Drinking.

Despite the rainy weather, curiosity and anticipation for the Weyermann® Rum was great. Shortly after the official sales start at 10 a.m., connoisseurs and lovers of selected spirits stopped by the Weyermann® Shop Living & Drinking to get hold of the noble drop.

Weyermann® Managing Director Thomas Kraus-Weyermann and Weyermann® Master Distiller Philipp Schwarz accompanied the premiere from the very beginning and were delighted with the expressed interest in the latest creation from our master distiller.

For two years, the rum matured in selected red wine barrels in the Weyermann® barrelroom until its perfection.

In the nose, this well-balanced rum enchants with notes of pineapple and banana.

On the palate, the tropical influences unite with subtle caramel and a touch of chocolate creating a real Caribbean feeling. The lasting mild finish of this fine spirit wonderfully rounds off the harmonious aroma profile.

The limited first batch of the Weyermann® rum with a total of 436 bottles including limited can is now available for 49€ at the Weyermann® Shop Living & Drinking on Brennerstrasse 15!