Tasting of the Weyermann® Limited Edition „Cherri Cherri Lady“ – No. 83

The name may be reminiscent of a well-known music hit, but in a slightly different spelling, it is the perfect match for this year’s „women’s beer“.

This special beer creation was brewed by our female Weyermann® employees on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th under the expert guidance of our brewery team around Weyermann® brewmaster Constantin Förtner.

Traditionally, we at Weyermann® hold a Women’s Brew Day on this day. According to the motto “by women for women”, a unique brew creation is created, of which the proceeds are always donated to the women’s shelter in Bamberg.

In the cozy ambience of the Weyermann® Visitors Center, Constantin Förtner presented the summer ale with sour cherries and vanilla to everyone before the tasting began

Adding fruit to beer is both classic and classy, and Cherri Cherri Lady Ale is just that. Reminiscent of a Kir Royal, this mildly acidic, effervescent ale is refreshingly tart with a finish of lingering cherry reverberations. A few vanilla beans and 12 kg/hl of cherry juice in the kettle give the foam a reddish hue and the bouquet a redolent note of wild berries.

The taste is harmoniously balanced by a subdued maltiness from a mash mostly of pale ale malt and a portion of pale wheat malt. Callista, a hop variety that contributes aromas of stone fruit, red grapefruit, and raspberries, adds the underlying, gentle bitterness.

The matching food pairing with selected cheese and chocolate specialties, bread, malt pudding and nuts rounded off this special and extraordinary taste experience.

During the brew day in March, all „Weyerwomen“ were encouraged to let their creativity run free and come up with their own name ideas. The creative name „Cherri Cheri Lady“ was the idea of four employees, who received a sixpack of the brew creation as a gift.

The team of the Women’s Shelter in Bamberg around manager Bettina Hainke as well as two representatives of the SkF Bamberg association attended the tasting event and were thrilled and impressed by the commitment of the Weyermann® employees.

„Cherri Cherri Lady“, No. 83 is available at the Weyermann® shop Living & Drinking on Brennerstrasse in Bamberg for 2.50€ and soon also in our Weyermann® Online Shop!

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