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WEYERMANN® Nr. 8 Oaktoberweizen

This beer’s name is a take off on its amazing combination of flavors and characteristics. Our “Oaktober” is a wheat-based ale, a Weissbier. The oak portion of the name comes from the base malt in the beer´s mash, which is a pale, oak-smoked wheat malt. Its color is orange to honey and te oak smoke aroma dominates both the bouquet and the taste of the Weyermann® Oaktoberweizen. There are also mildly resinous notes and a faint residual sweetness from the wheat malt, as well as refreshing, grassy notes form the hops. In addition, this beer is highly carbonated, which – combined with the beer´s dense body – makes for an unusually spritzy-effervescent taste experience. For food pairings, assorted cold cuts, creamy cheeses such as Camembert, and various salads are suitable.


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