New roasting drums no. 8 & 9 successfully put into place!

Just in time for Christmas the new two roasting drums no. 8 & 9 were delivered and placed at their future location.

Developed and manufactured as special machines by the Swiss company Bühler, massive energy savings and new possibilities for the development of new flavors in malt are presented.

The 14 tons heavy machines, of course with a special painting in red, conclude a 4-year project in which the historical malthouse was gutted and new production facilities in the form of 4 germination boxes (company Lausmann) and 2 roasting drums were successively installed.

In order to produce according to food law standards, the interior of the roasting drum is made of stainless steel, while the outer parts are stable cast iron. The roasting drums have a capacity of 3.5 tons.

With this investment, Weyermann®, as the world market leader in the field of specialty malts, is taking account of the increased demand for caramel and roasted malts worldwide.

The cover photo shows the Weyermann® management as well as the Weyermann® general manager Jürgen Buhrmann with the responsible employees of the companies Metallbau Datscheg and Gebr. Markewitsch GmbH as well as the project managers Frank Lunkenbein, Weyermann® project manager machine technology, and Christoph Zeller, project manager Bühler Group.