Milestone in the malthouse – Successful commissioning of germination box 8

Matching the calendar beginning of spring, we successfully put our new germination box 8 into operation on Monday morning!

In advance, all precautions had to be taken – all machines and systems were checked for their functionality – to ensure a smooth process.

The germination box, built according to the latest hygienic standards, has a capacity of 100 tons of grain. This increases our green malt capacity for the production of our Weyermann® caramel malts by another 100 tons/week!

The new bright red and yellow germination box is part of the extensive reconstruction of our historical malthouse. In recent years it has been refurbished and gradually equipped with new production facilities – four new germination boxes including germination box 8 and two roasting drums. The commissioning of germination box 8 now successfully completes this long-term construction project!

We are over the moon to have reached this milestone, which will help us to meet the increasing demand for caramel and roasted malts worldwide!

We thank our employees and all companies involved in this important project from conception and planning to implementation and commissioning!

The following companies played a key role in this project and our special thanks thus go to architecture office Bottler, engineering office Schlicht + Fischer,  construction company Angermüller, tile company Drescher, company Lausmann for the germination box plant and the company Gerlitz for the control technology.

In addition to the planning, our employees in the electrical engineering and locksmith’s department also took on the line construction and other crucial construction measures.