Medal shower for the Weyermann® brew manufacture at the World Beer Awards 2022

Seven beer specialties from our Weyermann® brew manufacture convinced at this year’s World Beer Awards and thus decorate our Weyermann® Wall of Medals with further gold, silver and bronze medals – how wonderful!

This is the fifth award in a row for our brewery at the international beer competition!

Our Weyermann® Bamberger Hofbräu® Rotbier and our No. 10, Weyermann® Barley Wine, were the golden front runners among the Weyermann® beers this year. Both beers achieved the best results in a national comparison and were therefore selected country winner (Germany Country Winner)!

While the interplay of our specialty malts, paired with the lager’s mild hoppiness, lends our „Rotbier“ its high drinkability, flavors of red fruits and prunes in the finish make this Franconian classic a well-rounded lager.

The Weyermann® Barley Wine pleases the eye with its beautiful amber color and evokes images of sherry, as well as raisins and prunes with its fruity and sweet scent. The flavor profile of the top-fermented ale is dominated by notes of forest honey, pine and dried fruit.

Other winning beers from our brewery were our strong beer specialties, Weyermann® Rudolph’s Weizendoppelbock (No. 47) and Weyermann® Rauchbier Bock (No. 34), as well as our Weyermann® IPLager (No. 52), all of which were awarded silver.  Our Weyermann® Bamberger Hofbräu® Schwarzbier and Weyermann® No. 31, Summer Beech, were awarded bronze.

We are incredibly proud of the achievement of our committed brewery team – congratulations on the well-deserved award and recognition of your work!

The World Beer Awards honor international beers in ten main categories and associated subcategories every year. An international jury of experts – with our Weyermann® brewmaster Constantin Förtner being one of the experts – is responsible for evaluating the submitted beer specialties. This is followed by the awarding of gold, silver and bronze medals and the selection of the “Country Winner” and “World’s Best”.