FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE, Friedrichshafen, Germany

We wish our Weyermann® head of distillery, Philipp Schwarz, a great time with lots of exciting impressions at the FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE trade fair in Friedrichshafen this weekend!

FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE is one of the largest trade fairs in the world for commercial fruit growing and distilling.

It’s where future-oriented farmers, fruit growers and distillers come together to find out about the latest developments in the areas of fruit growing, distilling, harvesting machines, crop protection, tree nurseries and agricultural technology.

The lecture program at FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE rounds off the information and product offerings from the exhibitors with various specialist lectures on current topics.

As part of the event, which takes place from today to Sunday, Philipp Schwarz will give a lecture on the use of highly aromatic specialty malts in the distillery.