From the field to the jar – The Weyermann® blossom honey is here!

The new Weyermann® blossom honey is created by our enthusiastic employee Jennifer Schöne. In real Weyermann® life, she oversees the implementation of our strict hygiene requirements. In her free time, she is an avid beekeeper.

The beehives are set among a bevy of apple and cherry trees in the Weyermann® orchard. Of course, everything is 100% natural – completely free of pesticides. The freshly picked fruits are used to create delicious spirits. All made by us in our very own Weyermann® distillery.

The honey is harvested twice a year – in spring and summer. Jennifer Schöne then processes the honey by hand. First, the honey is spun out of the combs, sieved several times, and then stirred until creamy over several days. This keeps the resulting sugar crystals small and the honey remains wonderfully spreadable.

The finished blossom honey shines from light yellow to golden caramel in the freshly filled jars. The intense bouquet of aromas ranges from slightly fruity to floral aromatic – depending on the blossom and the bee colony.

If you now want to try the new Weyermann® blossom honey, you can purchase the current harvest in our shop Weyermann – living & drinking in Bamberg. Try this unique natural honey experience!