Doemens Impulse 2023

“Anyone can brew classic lagers? – Brewing technology tricks for Helles and Pils at top level”

This is the theme of this year’s Doemens Impulse 2023 – with Weyermann® as Co-Sponsor – , which takes place at the Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing today and tomorrow.

The two popular beer styles in Germany, Helles and Pils, place the highest demands on the brewing team. The specifications for the respective beer style result in almost identical recipes for both Pils and Helles in all breweries. The differences in quality are therefore the result of the brewing process with its countless individual steps. The understanding of all connections and a brewing technology based on this is therefore indispensable for a “completely normal” top lager beer. The Doemens Impulse 2023 illustrate these connections from a wide variety of perspectives and provide important assistance and tips.

Our Weyermann® ambassadors on site are Michael Wöß, Constantin Förtner and Max Berchtold.

Michael Wöß, Weyermann® Head of Research & Development and beer sommelier, will give a lecture on the subject of “Recipe creation and options for selecting malt for pale lager beers”.

We wish our red and yellow trio two exciting and instructive seminar days!